Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So I am already a terrible Blogger!

Well it has almost been a month since I have had a chance to blog! Seriously, time is just flying by! I can't really say what has been going on because it has just been life.... busy kids, busy getting kids where they need to be...

I did have the chance to spend the day scrapbooking, which was super fun! My friend from Medicine Hat came for the weekend so in addition to scrapbooking we ate way too much junk and stayed up way to late... that just seems to be our thing! LOL! I was happy that my sister was able to join us... I can't remember the last time she came out scrapbooking!

I have some projects I am hoping to get crossed off my list in the next few weeks so watch for this pics! Not so much scrapbooking layouts, but lots of alterables!

I got our Valentine's Day portraits back last week! So excited about them! My little Miss Sophie was so serious all day. She barely cracked a smile the entire shoot! If you are in the Central Alberta Area and are looking for a wonderful photographer definitely look her up... Krista at Head Over Heels Photography! This photo shoot was a fundraiser for my girls dance studio... I think we are doing another in the fall so if you are interested I will keep you posted when sign ups are! You will not be disappointed!!! :-) Here is some of her work!

10 more days until the big 34! Seriously? Where has the last 10 years gone? Katie was so sweet last night. She asked me what I would like for my birthday... being the mom that I am I replied "For you to clean your room... that would be the best birthday gift ever!" LOL! When Tom packed his lunch this morning he picked up a banana that has been decorated with pen... A happy birthday greeting and cute little pictures all over it! It was tied with a ribbon and a little tag with a birthday message for me! So being the kidder that he is, he has been calling all day to wish me a Happy birthday! So sweet and thoughtful that she wanted me to have a nice breakfast on my birthday! I am just not so sure the banana will last another 10 days! Gosh I adore her!!! <3

There is just over a month to go before we head off to Camp Croppin' in Calgary! So excited for the chance to get away! And it is even looking like our dance competition schedule will be working in my favor... I am also super excited to be getting to take the Copic Certification course on the Sunday!!! My hubby still hasn't quite figured out why I am so excited to take a class about coloring. But he will get it someday! :-)

I am going to sign off now... I have to get Miss Kate fed and off to PT interviews then off to dance! I promise not to go so long between posts next time... not even sure how far and wide this blog has gone, so maybe it doesn't matter! LOL! Maybe I am the only one reading it! :-) Even so, it is good to put something down on 'the new paper' once in a while!

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