Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Winter Storm is on it's way....

Well here it is over a month since I have blogged. SURPRISE! I am such a bad blogger! If there was a Bad blogger award I am sure I would be in the running! But I have an excuse.... I really do! LOL! My girls are elbow deep in year end dance festivies which includes competitions, rehearsals, and photos. We have one competition left and then our weekend of recitals! I love this time of year, but it does keep up really busy!

Outside my window the rain is pouring down... it is supposed to turn into 10-20cm's of snow by tomorrow night. Oh the joys of living in Alberta... Always a big spring snow storm at least once! I don't mind the moisture since we need it sooooo badly! There are (or were before today!) firebans everywhere! But I am not so keen on seeing the white stuff again! It is wrecking havoc on my children. They have gotten so used to going outside and playing over the last few weeks and being cooped up in the house all day without an ounce of sunshine has taken it's toll on all of us! They are Cranky today!!! I think I need to rotate some toys to generate some interest and get them playing again.

I just finished up the Ribbon Rave at Savvy & Sassy... here are some of my layouts over the last 6 weeks...

I have also made a few cards

2 weeks ago I got to attend Camp Croppin in Calgary, AB... A super fun weekend of croppin, excellent classes and a little shopping with some of my favorite people! I still have lots of my classes to finish up and will post them when I have them all finished.

Well this is what the last few weeks have been about... in the next few weeks we will finish up our dance season, get Sophie in her big girl bed... watch for photos of the bed and dresser I am refinishing for her "Big Girl" Room. And just because we aren't busy enough I am going to repaint our master bedrrom & bath as well... just something to freshen up the place... I must have some serious spring fever! LOL!

Until then, I hope you get to enjoy the little things in life, like hugs & kisses from the little people in your life!