Thursday, May 6, 2010

My little piece of heaven...

Well we are finished painting our master bedroom... while the painting was happening I was nervous about how blue it seemed... but now that it is all put back together I am loving it! It has such a calm feeling! I just feel stress leave my body and mind when I enter the room... well until I see the bathroom that I still have to paint! LOL! But that is going to have to wait 2 weeks until dance is over. In the next four days I will be making 3 trips to sherwood park, then next week is our last week before recitals next weekend. We will be busy busy!

I just wanted to post these pics quickly before I make that first trip to S.P... so here you go... My not so 'Master' master bedroom... It is small but it fits my big bed with my super comfy duvet. That is all I need to relax! :-)

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